Human first,

designer next

I'm Micaela, and I like making things pretty with a purpose usable

I have a very curious mind, I enjoy telling stories, and believe that the education of a designer is a never-ending adventure.

My mission is to become one that gives back to the community and enriches those who interact with my means of problem-solving.

Away: building a life away from your life

Helping immigrants to fight loneliness by creating communities


Elevating a startup brand

Coto Digital

Redesign of a supermarket's e-commerce


Redesigning is my jam

How I helped a pandemic-hit yoga studio earn $20k in their first 3 months?

Membership site for yoga studio

Bringing a 20 year old company to a new era

Branding refresh for the industry

Crafting your personal story

Custom built-online course

From the archives

AKA my previous life
as a graphic designer